ZIPLINE ŠIBENIK - Čikola river canyon

Zipline Šibenik - river Čikola cayon
1 h

Safety and handling instructions for the zipline!

Start of the zipline descend!

Price: 48,00 EUR / 350,00 HRK per person

Small family package: 73,00 EUR / 550,00 HRK (1 adult and 1 child)

Family package: 115,00 EUR / 850,00 HRK (2 adults and 1 child or 1 adult and 2 children)

Big family package: 135,00 EUR / 1.000,00 HRK (2 adults and 2 children)

Extra big family package: 147,00 EUR / 1.100,00 HRK (2 adults and 3 children)

XXL family package: 170,00 EUR / 1.250,00 HRK (2 adults and 4 children)

XXXL family package: 190,00 EUR / 1.400,00 HRK (2 adults and 5 children)

*Note - family package includes children under the age of 18!

Im Preis inbegriffen
  • Equipment
  • Zipline ride
  • Insurance for zipline drive
Preis ohne
  • Pick up and drop off fee - 10,00 EUR / 75,00 HRK  (for up to 10 km per person), 15,00 EUR / 110,00 HRK (for up to 20 km per person), 20,00 EUR / 150,00 HRK (from 20 up to 30 km per person)
  • Renting GoPro 5 camera - 15,00 EUR / 110,00 HRK (you need to have your own memory card)
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips for the guide and driver
  • Any extra arrangements
  • Anything not mentioned under "What's included" 

The view of the Čikola river canyon scenery is breathtaking, especially if you are looking at it from above. We can guarantee the soaring over the tree trunks and ravines with the wind in your hair!

Join us on a 1.4 km long zipline adventure that will boost your adrenaline and make you feel the kick you were longing for. You will see the breathtaking scenery of Čikola river canyon from 120 to 30 m of altitude.

On the three lines from 250, 500 and 650 m length experience speeding up to 70 km/h or take a moment to enjoy the nature around you.

Zip-lining is a fun and exhilarating adventure that lets you glide through the air while attached to cable lines in the safety of a harness. Our mission is to spice up your vacation with this excursion that is eligible for families and singles. One can choose to descend in pair or alone under the surveillance of our experienced tour guides.

  • The zip line fee includes 1.4 km long zipline
  • Minimun number of guests for pick up and drop off is three

  • Rubber band for hair, sunscreen and sunglasses are highly recommended.
  • Dates of the tours are changed according to the availability of seats
  • Renting GoPro camera - 15,00 EUR / 110,00 HRK (and you need to have your own memory card)

48 €
48 € x 1 Gäste
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